Middle-aged office worker mortifies younger colleagues by photocopying his arse

A MAN’S younger colleagues were left speechless when he dropped his trousers and sat on a photocopier to show them how we used to enjoy office Christmas parties.

Office Christmas lunch not horribly awkward

A GROUP of workmates has had a Christmas lunch that was not unbearably awkward.

Twat thinks lying is what successful people do

A MAN has somehow got the idea that it is normal to lie about things to get what you want in life.

Security guard over the f**king moon you've forgotten your pass

AN office security guard absolutely loves it when he can get stuck into hassling people who have forgotten their pass, he has revealed.

Are you the champion of productivity, or have you replied to one email?

YOU’RE tapping away on your keyboard furiously before leaning back, hands behind head, with a self-satisfied smirk. But are you the productivity champion of your office or have you simply sent one, single email?

Third circle of hell booked for office Christmas party

THE office Christmas party has been booked for the third circle of hell this year, Marie from accounts has announced.

How to blame other people for f**king up at work

ARE you always getting things wrong at work but don’t fancy being unemployed? Read our guide to shifting the blame.

Man at 'empire building' stage of life barely holding down shitty job in office

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Freelancer constantly working and dicking about at the same time

A FREELANCER has become trapped between two worlds and is constantly at work while dicking about full-time.

Lazy bastard millennial refusing to work for free

AN entitled young person has self-indulgently turned down a fantastic career opportunity of long-term unpaid work.