Box of green tea in office kitchen now longest-serving member of staff

A BOX of green tea in an office kitchen has now been there longer than any of the employees.

Recruitment agent has moment of remorse then goes back to being a bastard

A RECRUITER has had a moment of remorse before going straight back to being a bastard, it has been revealed.

Self-proclaimed 'perfectionist' very bad at job

A WOMAN claiming to be a ‘perfectionist’ is notably poor at performing even the most basic tasks of her job.

The office worker's guide to using the toilets

GOING to the toilet at work is a minefield of unflushed bogs and sharing your intimate bodily functions with co-workers. Here’s how to get through it with dignity.

Headphones means f**k off 

IF SOMEONE in the office is wearing headphones it means they want everyone to fuck off, it has been claimed.

Boss arrives in office wearing waistcoat

A BOSS has arrived in the office wearing a light blue shirt, a blue waistcoat and no jacket, and is gathering everyone for a talk. 

Primary teacher finally admits her job is easy

A PRIMARY teacher has finally stopped telling people how 'stressful' teaching is.

Are you probably going to be sacked?

ARE you getting bad vibes from your boss and fear you may soon be fired? Take our fun quiz and find out for sure!

Wetherspoons barmaid looking forward to quiet, civilised Saturday evening shift

A WETHERSPOONS barmaid is looking forward to a chilled, stress-free shift this evening, she has confirmed.

How many office bastards can you spot?

THE modern office is a rich environment for twats of all shapes and sizes. But which ones do you work with? Read our guide and tick off all the ones you see!