Man puts in 20-hour day on internet denying there's a pay gap

A MAN is single-handedly reducing the gender pay gap by putting in 20 hours of unpaid internet work denying there is a gender pay gap.

Harsh-but-fair boss nowhere near as good as unfair-but-lenient boss

A BOSS who is harsh but fair is rubbish compared to a boss who is unfair but lenient, employees have agreed.

Office not run for benefit of parents with small children

AN office is callously not geared to meeting every single need of employees who have small children.

Are you clinging to your job by a thread?

JOBS. We all need them, but some of us are shit at them and may be politely told to fuck off. Take our quiz and find out if your job is hanging by a thread.

Schools to finish Friday lunchtime then work to finish Friday lunchtime then whole system to collapse

SCHOOLS finishing on Friday lunchtime could lead to jobs finishing on Friday lunchtime then capitalism collapsing entirely, experts have warned.

Retired builder spends an hour doing f**k all for old times' sake

A RETIRED builder is reliving the days when he used to have a job by sitting on his jacksie doing sod all, he has confirmed.

Homeworker adds having a quick morning wank to his CV

A MAN who works from home has added having an efficient and productive mid-morning wank to his CV.

How to choose your workplace nemesis

HAVING a sworn enemy to detest and undermine certainly makes slow days at work go faster. But who should you choose as your arch-enemy and target of your undeserved rage?

Pizza delivery guys sick of being used for sex

PIZZA delivery drivers have declared they are sick of being used for sex by randy housewives.

Five things to do on your commute as well as having murderous fantasies

COULD the time you spend travelling to work be used for something more productive than sitting in silent, festering rage like a serial killer? Here are some suggestions.