Email sent at 3am offers terrifying glimpse into boss's home life

A LATE-NIGHT email has given office staff a disturbing hint of what their boss’s personal life is like.

Delighted supply teacher gets the 'colouring-in class' again

A SUPPLY teacher is pleased to have been assigned to a class of 13-year-old low-achievers for whom colouring-in is still considered a valid lesson.

'Settling old scores' still top of most office workers' to-do list

GETTING revenge on co-workers for some incident in the past is the main thing people working in offices think about.  

Self-employed make annual choice between tax return and faking own death

BRITAIN’S self-employed workers are facing the annual choice of completing a tax return or concocting an elaborate scam to fake their own death.

Are you an office sociopath or an actual sociopath?

ARE you unsure if you’re just a horrible person to work with or a proper psycho who collects severed fingers? Take our quiz and find out.

Boss sure handing out manky leftover sandwiches will really boost morale

A MANAGER is convinced that handing out leftover sandwiches from meetings is massively appreciated by his dispirited staff.

Government stages rehearsal for losing your job after Brexit

THOUSANDS of Britons have pretended to lose their job so they will be prepared for it really happening once we leave the EU.

How to remember what your crappy job is

ARE you back at work but struggling to remember what you’re meant to be doing? Read our guide and find out.

Everyone back in work thoroughly rested and thoroughly f**ked off

THE UK has returned to work feeling well-rested and well pissed off, it has been confirmed.

Middle-aged office worker mortifies younger colleagues by photocopying his arse

A MAN’S younger colleagues were left speechless when he dropped his trousers and sat on a photocopier to show them how we used to enjoy office Christmas parties.