Pervert GP prescribes sex to couple trying for baby

A TAXPAYER-funded GP has made the depraved suggestion that a couple trying to conceive a child should have frequent sexual intercourse.

Therapist gently leading patient to understand it's all their own fault

A THERAPIST is helping a client to gradually reach the understanding that all of their problems are there own f**king fault, it has emerged.

Britain given easy choice between a long, healthy life or crisps

THE UK is facing a choice between continuing to eat crisps or living longer, and made its decision before reaching the end of this sentence.

Mum insists on making your birthday about how you ruined her vagina

A MOTHER has decided that her son’s 25th birthday should be marked with anecdotes about perineal tears and a pelvic floor ‘that never recovered’.

Why is feckless Harry not tending to his father's prostate gland? By Sarah Vine

THE first duty of any son is to care for his elderly father’s prostate. Unless you’re Harry, who is nowhere to be seen when he should be soothing Charles’ inflamed spunk gland.

Touch this picture of a stomach and start praying for Kate

AS a loyal subject it is your duty to help the Royal Family in any way possible, so touch this picture of a stomach and start praying for Kate. Now.