'Oh f*ck, this is a date' realises woman having drinks with man

A WOMAN having drinks with a man has abruptly realised the evening was intended as a date.

Middle-aged friends play high-stakes game of chicken by planning to meet up

TWO middle-aged friends are playing a dangerous game of chicken by planning to meet for a bite to eat and a few drinks.

What to do if you've accidentally sh*gged one of your housemates

IF you share a house, there's a high risk of having sex with someone else who lives there, probably when you're p*ssed. Here’s how to deal with the fallout.

'I need to be by myself for a while', says idiot about to fall in love again

A MAN who declared he needed to be single for a while, is in fact an idiot about to fall in love again.

Woman trying to be kinky inserts finger in boyfriend's ear

A WOMAN has inserted her finger in her boyfriend's ear in a bid to be kinky.

Parents finally meet daughter's booty call

THE parents of a 26-year-old woman are excited to finally meet their daughter's casual sex partner.

Man using dating app acting like he has standards

A MAN has allowed his use of a dating app to convince himself that he has any standards whatsoever.

Man thinks it's cool to say his girlfriend lets him do things

A MAN is under the impression it is cool to pretend his girlfriend is the boss of him.

How to convince yourself someone fancies you

ARE you hoping a friend or colleague fancies you? Is the evidence flimsy, but open to interpretation? Talk yourself into it.

Every couple must be one morning person and one night owl

ALL couples must be made up of one person who springs out of bed at dawn and one that only properly wakes up at midnight, a survey has found.