Sex best time to compile mental to do list, say married couples

MARRIED couples have agreed that mid-sex is the best time to make a little list of everything that needs doing around the house.

How are you pretending to enjoy being single?

BEING single is apparently now ‘self-partnering’ and it’s empowering and cool. Here are some ways to pretend you’re thrilled to be alone.

Middle-aged man praised for having girlfriend in same age bracket

A 45-YEAR-OLD man has been congratulated for having a girlfriend born in the same decade as him.

Five times you don't have to hold hands, you loved-up twats

WE get it, you’re in love and want to hold hands - but do you have to block the pavements with your affection? Here are some situations where you should definitely desist.

Exes' favourite time to chat is 10.55pm

BRITAIN’S ex-partners have confirmed that just before 11pm is the best time to discuss how their life is going.

Sex with an ex doesn't count, researchers confirm

NEW research has confirmed that sex with an ex-partner does not count as infidelity, a moral lapse or even sex.

Couple breaking up promise they will remain vague acquaintances

A COUPLE splitting up have sworn to each other that they will always remain vague acquaintances.

Girlfriend wants to see other people, tell everyone you're bad in bed, and see you die a horrible death

YOUR girlfriend has explained that she would like to see other people, reveal all your sexual secrets to the world, and see you die alone and unloved.

Husband's social life entirely outsourced to wife

A MAN has handed over complete control of his social life to his wife, she has complained.

A guide to hanging out with your partner's extremely attractive friend

ONE of the great joys of sharing your life with another is sharing their friendships, but when their friend is smokin’ hot it can cause difficulties. Follow these rules.