Office like one big family where everyone hates each other

AN OFFICE has been compared to a family where everyone detests each other and fights all the time.

Man can't believe woman behind till isn't uncontrollably attracted to him

SHOP assistants who are friendly are just doing their jobs and do not desperately fancy their customers, men have been told.

Office f**ked without the one woman who knows what she’s doing

AN office is in meltdown because the one member of staff who understands how everything works has taken the day off.

Work is better than all that bank holiday bullshit, confirms Britain

BEING back at work is a welcome break from four days of weird relatives and children’s nonsense, it has been confirmed.

What, in the name of God, is a 'pay rise'? asks Britain

CLAIMS that pay rises are not keeping pace with inflation has baffled the majority of Britons who have no idea what a pay rise is.

Business goes under as entire staff masters art of looking busy

A COMPANY has gone bankrupt after every member of staff perfected the art of looking like they were actually working.