Woman hopes to be remembered for perfect middle-class lifestyle

A WOMAN who has an enviable figure, an Audi Q5 and a walk-in wardrobe is hoping her legacy will live on.

Five weekend activities that look really weird if you don’t have a kid

WEEKENDS can seem fun, but for the childless they’re really just long, boring days to shop through until the acceptable time to start drinking.

Teenager obsessed with phone battery has f**k all worth communicating

A TEENAGER monitors his phone battery closely in case anyone should miss out on his extremely unimportant thoughts.    

No one cares how tired you are

EVEN though it has been a really tough week and you are absolutely knackered no one gives a shit, it has been confirmed.  

Couple return from holiday to discover their house smells weird

A COUPLE returned from holiday to discover their house smells weird, it has emerged.

Woman with fresh manicure begins countdown to buggering it up

A WOMAN with a shiny new manicure has begun her countdown to smudging, chipping or generally ruining it.

Mum and Dad only getting into bloody country & western

A COUPLE in their 50s are throwing themselves into the local country & western scene with sodding cowboy hats and everything, it has emerged.

The seven places you’ll hate to take the kids this weekend

THE weekend’s here, and if you don’t get the kids out of the house then you’ll end up strangling at least one of them.

Mum measures success of playdates by how pissed she gets

A MOTHER judges her children’s playdates to have gone well if she has consumed at least two large glasses of wine.

There’s no good time to say this but we always hated you, empty-nesters tell boomerang kids

EMPTY-NESTER parents have told their adult children not to move back home because they never liked them and they were a mistake.