Man sorts out one thing

A MAN has sorted out one thing and now wants an award for it.

Mum treating son's girlfriend like daughter she never wanted

A GIRL holidaying with her boyfriend’s family for the first time is being treated like the daughter his mother never wanted to have.

New couple enters 'taking up entire f*cking pavement' stage

A COUPLE has entered the stage where their sickening hand-holding is obstructing the whole pavement.

Revving of car engine makes woman fall helplessly in love

A WOMAN has fallen head-over-heels in love with the driver of a hot hatchback who revved his car at traffic lights.

Eco-friendly couple discover their marriage is disposable

A COUPLE who are strict vegans, wear upcycled clothing and go on holiday by train have realised their marriage is toxic and disposable.

Husband not expecting to see wife for several hours due to 'quick bath'

A HUSBAND has accepted he will be spending most of the day alone with the kids after his wife told him she was “off for a quick bath”. 

Married couple can't remember last time they had threesome

A COUPLE who have been married for five years are struggling to remember when they were last intimate with a third person.

Clueless wife fails to see investment potential of sci-fi figures

A MAN’S wife somehow cannot grasp that his figurines of Iron Man, Darth Maul and Ripley from Alien are an excellent investment.

Boyfriend of six months looks sh*t in summer

A WOMAN who has been seeing her new partner since January has only now realised that he looks terrible in hot weather. 

First date ideas that will guarantee your relationship is doomed

DO you think it would be ‘fun’ to have a first date at a wedding? If that sounds like a good idea then here are some even worse suggestions.