Just lie, dating experts advise

DATING experts have advised anyone looking for romance to lie through their teeth.

How to tell if your date is a psycho from the contents of their fridge

ARE you at a date’s home and trying to work out if they’re completely mental? A quick look at the contents of their fridge will give you the definitive answer.

Man updating Tinder photo to brand new one from five years ago

A MAN who has decided his dating profile picture is out of date is replacing it with one from five years ago rather than 10.

Man believes cheap flowers will lead to sex

A MAN wrongly believes a manky bunch of supermarket flowers will lead to a thrilling sexual experience.

How will your Valentine's Day turn out to be shit?

YES, it’s that time of year when society decides you should be unrealistically loved-up. So how is Valentine’s Day not living up to expectations for you?

How to save money by dumping your partner now then getting back together on February 15

IF YOU’RE currently in a relationship, you have probably already resigned yourself to a financial outlay of between £5 and £48.99 on cards, gifts and a possible expensive takeaway.

Boyfriend who 'can't read minds' also unable to understand verbal instructions

A BOYFRIEND who ‘cannot read minds’ can not comprehend verbal or written instructions either, his partner has confirmed.

Couple on date night can't wait to get home, jump into bed and get on their phones

A COUPLE on date night cannot wait to finish their meal, get home, go straight up to the bedroom and have a good, long phone browsing session.

Couple discover rom-com frolicking in the snow is bollocks

A ROMANTIC comedy-style romp in the snow has made a couple realise it is not romantic and their partner is a bastard.

Man uses 'alternative arrangements' to stop wife discovering he's shagging her best mate

A MAN has voted for ‘alternative arrangements’ to allow him to continue having sex with his wife’s best friend without his wife finding out.