The six best sexual positions you'll only do three of

BORED of your sex life? Why not read about these wild new sexual positions, suggest to your partner you try them, and then not bother because surely sex is one thing you shouldn’t over-complicate?

Woman baffled at inability to find true love using hook-up app

A WOMAN is baffled at her inability to find true love with an app primarily used for hook-ups.

It turns out we couldn't do better after all, reunited couple admits

A COUPLE who claimed they had split for a whole host of reasons have got back together after discovering that they could not do better than each other after all.

Woman who married wrong man distinctly remembers leaving pause in ceremony for friends to say so

A WOMAN who married an idiot has asked her friends why they said nothing even though the ceremony included a clear invitation to speak out.

Blazing rows to be judged by VAR

COUPLES’ arguments will be adjudicated by video assistant referees to determine who is in the wrong.

Lazy bastard boyfriend refusing to become mindreader

A SELFISH boyfriend has refused to learn to read his partner’s mind, it has emerged.

Man in new relationship does all his farts in the park

A MAN in a four-month-old relationship is still breaking wind in the local park.

Couple haven't listened to each others' account of their busy day since 2009

A MARRIED couple have completely shut out each others’ rambling report of their day at work for the last nine years, they have confirmed.

What's your pathetic excuse for refusing to commit?

THERE comes a time in every relationship when you have to weasel out of long-term commitment. Here are some excellent lame excuses.

Couple genuinely have no idea they have become 'those' parents

A COUPLE who swore they would never be ‘those’ parents have absolutely, definitively become ‘those’ parents, acquaintances have confirmed.