How to train properly for the London marathon

YOU'VE broken in your trainers, you’ve learnt the meaning of iliotibial band, now as the London Marathon approaches, here are the only training tips that could possibly matter.

Are you in a sham marriage or is your marriage a sham?

SHAM marriages are usually done to secure citizenship in the UK and are illegal, while marriages that are just a bit of a sham are a lot more commonplace and somehow not illegal. But which one are you in?

Could Thatcher's ghost sort out Brexit?

MARGARET Thatcher is now long dead but what if her spirit was contacted during a séance on a wet weekday afternoon in a parlour in Surrey?

Would living in a fascist state really be that bad?

WOULD Britain becoming a fascist state ruled by Boris Johnson or a giant floating head on a screen actually be a bad as it sounds?  

'Maneet's throat was slit by Roz Huntley's amputated arm' - Six Line of Duty mysteries finally solved

'Who is H?' and 'how slippery is Balaclava Man?' are now on a par with all the great TV mysteries, such as 'who shot JR Ewing?' and 'who operates Sharon from EastEnders’ eyebrows?'. As Line of Duty continues to pile question upon question, here are the fan theories that are almost certainly right.

Did you wake up on the floor again? Take the test...

WAKING up is something we all have to do. But sometimes we wake up on the floor and aren't 100 percent sure why. Take our test to find out...

'As a remainer, am I still allowed to hate the French?'

BREXIT is an act of madness that rejects decades of co-operation with our European neighbours. But I still really want to hate the French and everything about their ghastly country.

Woolly Mammoth or Giant Elk? Which extinct creature should be the next Tory leader?

WHICH of the neolithic era’s extinct creatures would you like to lead our country once Theresa May has gone?

Passive-aggressive Mother’s Day gifts for terrible mothers

SOMETIMES a World’s Best Mum mug just won’t cut it - not because a mug is an inadequate gift, but because your mother is an inadequate parent.

An eight-point guide to being a dick on the internet

The first thing to remember is that everyone on the Internet is stupid. It is your job to tell them all how wrong they are about everything.

Which of this week's three historic Brexit votes are you?

THERE are three crucial Brexit votes this week: May’s deal, no-deal, and extending Article 50. But which one are you?