Six Christmas foods you've bought way too much of that'll be going in the bin

BOUGHT shitloads of food in to make sure you're covered for two f**king days? Chances are you'll be emptying half this perishable shit in the bin by Wednesday.

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Now add gold leaf, says Jamie

JAMIE Oliver has used his new Christmas special to advise giving Brussels sprouts and tired old turkey a bit of pizzazz with a touch of gold leaf.

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Woman found without dietary requirements

A WOMAN has been found who has no specific dietary requirements, scientists have confirmed.

Gammon thinks food allergies are a choice

AN angry middle-aged man is under the impression food allergies are a voluntary choice made by snowflakes, it has emerged.

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Local chippy offering Klarna

YOUR local chip shop is now offering customers the chance to pay for their fish supper in interest-free instalments, it has confirmed.

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