Man seeks court order letting everyone know he’s had a threesome

A 29-YEAR-OLD British man has filed for an injunction requiring the media to report that he has previously enjoyed an extremely successful threesome.

Nation rejoices as tyranny of free BBC recipes ends

THE UK is celebrating in the streets after the BBC’s evil reign over internet recipes has been ended. 

BBC dumped Tories in 1996

THE BBC has told the Conservative Party to get over that time they dated back in 1996.

Liverpool is not a real place, claims Rupert Murdoch

LIVERPOOL is an entirely fictional city, Rupert Murdoch has insisted.

Yahoo! feeling a bit like Poland in 1939

EXECUTIVES at Yahoo! have revealed a strong affinity with Poland in September 1939.

Britain profoundly insulted by April Fools' stories

THE UK has been deeply insulted by today's 'media pranks'.

Local newspaper pretending to be important part of community

A DIRE local newspaper claims to be a vital and much-loved part of the local community, it has emerged.

Estate agent reveals plan to read this month’s GQ for a third time

A 24-YEAR-OLD estate agent has announced that he will be spending tonight reading this month’s GQ magazine for the third time.

Childless women’s husband-stealing plan foiled by Daily Mail

SCHEMING childless women have had their home-wrecking plans ruined by The Daily Mail.

Discarded crisp packet captivates social media

BRITAIN’S offices have ground to a halt after workers discovered a live video feed of a discarded crisp packet lying in a street.