Supermarket accidentally sells pizza with enough toppings on it

A SUPERMARKET has offered a full refund after a man bought a pizza with a satisfying amount of toppings on it.

Office workers suffer sugar slumps at 9.45am, 11am, 11.45am, 1.15pm, 3pm and 4.45pm

THE average office worker is hit by a sugar slump at least six times a day, not including lunch or the commute, research has found.

Gap between Northern and Southern tea-brewing time rises to four minutes and 45 seconds

NORTHERNERS are now allowing their tea to brew for almost five minutes longer than their southern counterparts, it has emerged.

Scientists still trying to find a worse way to deliver ketchup than those packets

SCIENTISTS have admitted they are working night and day to find a less effective ketchup delivery method than tiny plastic packets.

Woman stares at cup of tea wondering if she made it

A WOMAN is staring at a steaming mug of tea in front of her, wondering if she made it and if not who the hell did.

Man accidentally makes enough spaghetti to feed 700 people

A MAN has accidentally made enough spaghetti for himself for dinner to feed his entire neighbourhood.

Maniac puts banana in rucksack

AN absolute maniac has been seen putting a banana in their rucksack completely unprotected before then heading off to work.

Vegan who eats eggs has a stupid name for it and you're about to hear it

A WOMAN who shuns all meat and dairy products apart from eggs has a special term for her particular form of food weirdness.

Tedious bastard decides his personality is 'meat eater'

A MAN without much personality has decided to compensate by constantly telling people how into meat he is.

Best not to think about what cheese is, say experts

EXPERTS have agreed that it is best for everyone if we neither think about nor acknowledge what cheese actually is.